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Registration for the Online only course (without residential) is now closed.

Early bird fees are available for payment received on or before 8 May 2018. Please note that the early bird rates apply only to payments received (not just online registration forms submitted) by this date.

GroupTypeFeeEarly bird fee
Participants from resource-limited settings*Online + residential*** (€150)-
ESIPD/CHIVA members**Online + residential*** (€750) (€700)
Other participantsOnline + residential*** (€1000) (€950)

* Resource-limited settings are considered, for this purpose, to be countries included in the low-income, lower-middle-income and upper-middle-income economies list of the World Bank economy classification. Applicants from these countries must provide proof of their residence (e.g. a copy of their passport, or headed letter from their place of work) in order to be eligible for this fee.

** If you are an ESPID/CHIVA member please send a copy of your badge or membership acknowledgement to

***The Online + residential fee excludes travel and accommodation costs. Participants attending the conference will need to budget separately for these, and any other travel-related expenses.

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We recommend that you print or save a copy of our Fees and booking conditions, for future reference.

Preferred payment method:

  Credit card (via PayPal only)
  Bank transfer (all charges to be paid by applicant)
Bank transfers should be made to the following account:
Account Holder:Fondazione Penta Onlus
Name of Bank:Banco Popolare Società Cooperativa
Account Number:0000 0000 1813
BIC/swift code:BAPPIT21723
IBAN:IT11 U 05034 62690 0000 0000 1813

PLEASE NOTE: Submission of your online registration form does not guarantee that your registration has been accepted. Your registration will only be confirmed when full payment has been received and a receipt of your payment has been sent.

You will receive full details for making your payment once you have submitted the online registration form.

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